PMSM (Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor) Control  


Robust control based on DOB (Disturbance Observer)


Among various types of motors, the permanent-magnet-synchronous motor (PMSM) is dominating for high performance applications due to its high energy-volume ratio, low noise, and durability. Our research is about how to control a PMSM more efficiently and precisely. Especially, the application of the disturbance observer based control shows robust performance in the automotive application.




[1] Kim, Yonghun, Kyung-Soo Kim, and Soohyun Kim. "A novel disturbance observer based robust current-control for a PMSM drive system." Decision and Control (CDC), 2015 IEEE 54th Annual Conference on. IEEE, 2015.



Real-time optimal torque control


A new method is proposed for the real-time estimation of the full parameters of a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) that is based on the stator current ripple model. By introducing the stator current ripple model together with the known two state equations for the d- and q-axes currents, The rank deficiency problem is resolved, thus enabling real-time full parameter estimation even in the steady state. A signal processing technique for removing adverse effects from noises and uncertainties existing in the stator current ripple measurement is also required.




[1] Choi, Kyunghwan, et al. "Using the stator current ripple model for real-time estimation of full parameters of a permanent magnet synchronous motor." IEEE Access 7 (2019): 33369-33379. 


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