In this paper, a new type of dispensing system that uses a proportional pressure control valve is proposed. Unlike the time-pressure dispensing mechanism, a variable pressure supply is adopted in the dispensing system to achieve a variable mass flow rate. The pressure of the air supplied to a dispensing head is controlled so that the mass flow rate and the line-width of the dispensed polycaprolactone (PCL) is controllable, unlike a pressure-regulated dispensing system. To track the performance of the steady-state line-width, the relations among the supply pressure, the head velocity and the line-width are mapped by averaging the measured linewidths using a developed width detection algorithm and weights after the dispensing procedure is complete. The performance of open-loop control of the line-width using mapped relationships is validated and its availability is discussed.

Related reference

[1] 홍윤표, 김경수, 서형태, 윤원수, “공통 레귤레이터를 이용한 듀얼 헤드 디스펜싱 시스템의 토출 유량 검증”, 한국정밀공학회 2016년도 춘계학술대회 논문집


- 본 연구는 미래창조과학부 원천기술개발사업 신산업 창조 프로젝트 사업의 지원을 받아 연구가 되었음

-   2016 춘계 정밀공학회 최우수상 수상




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