About SRG...


1. Plastics Recycling Robot      

   - Real-time sorting system for mixed color plastics by applying a machine learning algorithm

   - Parallel manipulator system


2. Prosthetic Hand System              

   - Dual-Mode Twisted String Actuation (TSA)

   - Prosthetic hand Hardware

   - Model-based intention estimation using EMG signal


3. Humanoid based Technique      

   1) Hybrid Actuation Biped Robot

   - Pneumatic feedback control system

   - Hydrogen peroxide power generator

   - Pneumatic robot leg

   2) Skiing Humanoid Robot, TiBo

   - Skiing humanoid robot control

   - Balancing and avoidance control




MSC Lab.4F(#3434~#3446) ID B/D(N25), School of Mechanical Aerospace & System
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