Vibration Sensing & Isolation System 


This research propose a sensor that is small enough to be inserted between automobile parts and capable of measuring the force between parts for quantify and objectify the ride comfort of automobile. It can be used at various locations where rubber bushes are installed to determine the main transmission path of vibration during driving. In order to secure a large measurement range with a small size compared to conventional multiaxial force sensors, elastic element design, strain gauge attachment, and Wheatstone bridge circuit design were suggested based on finite element analysis simulation. As a result, we developed a sensor capable of measuring the three-axis dynamic load applied to the rubber bush during driving and verified the performance of the sensor experimentally. 

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This research propose a vibration isolation system with very low cut-off frequency for very sensitive sensor. Some sensor is very sensitive to vibration, and it is essential to measure on a stable ground where the influence of vibration is minimized like bed rock. We propose a negative stiffness mechanism to satisfy this condition. There are conventional positive stiffness spring and negative spring which has been drawing attention recently. If we combine these two type spring, the system has pseudo zero stiffness according to superposition rule.



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