About Control theory Application Group (CAG)


1. Eco-friendly vehicle design and control

  (1) PMSM control

    - Robust control based on DOB (disturbance observer)

    - Field weakening control

    - Development of motor driver

    - Real-time optimal torque control

  (2) Battery management system

    - State of Charge (SOC) estimation method for lithium-ion battery cell

  (3) Eco-friendly power train control

    - Internal combustion engine modeling with transient state analysis and intelligent control

  (4) Stability control for Electric Vehicle (EV)

    - Vehicle States Estimation

    - Integrated Electric Vehicle Safety Control (ABS/ESC)



2. Autonomous vehicle

  (1) 3D Vision and image processing

    - 3D Vision

    - Robust monocular perception pipeline for connected autonomous vehicle

    - LiDAR de-noise (snow, rain, etc)

    - Image de-noising process of the model-based approach for object detection in snowfall environment


  (2) Autonomous vehicle control

    - Autonomous vehicle stability control

    - Path planning of autonomous vehicle

    - Formation Control

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