Eco-friendly vehicle design and control


electrified Manual Transmission (eMT)  


The eMT is a hybrid powertrain that can be implemented simply by inserting a electric motor into a conventional manual transmission. The electric motor can not only function as an additional power source, but also enables shifting without clutch operation by synchronizing the speed of the transmission input shaft and the speed of engine output shaft [1, 2].


The eMT is a very suitable structure for low-cost hybridization, and this is why we have been working on modifying the actual manual transmission truck (especially delivery service truck) into the eMT structure (Fig. 1). Delivery service trucks have been recognized as one of the main causes of urban air pollution and we think the eMT, low-cost hybridization technology, would be a feasible solution for air pollution problems.

 Fig. 1. Modification of a manual transmission to the eMT





Fig. 2. Mechanical and electrical configuration of the vehicle modified to the eMT




 Fig. 3. ‘친환경 택배 트럭’ 상용화…매연·미세먼지 20% (KBS1 – 7시 뉴스)




[1] Hybrid vehicle having interactive manual transmission and control method therefor

[2] Economic hybrid transmission system using clutchless geared manual transmission


A Novel Flywheel Hybrid Powertrain 


A novel flywheel hybrid powertrain is proposed. It is composed with multi-planetary gear system (PGS) and CVT. Combining the power split function of PGS and continuous gear ratio shifting function of CVT, the proposed configurations can control driving mode and power split ratio with only 2 control DoF. It is done by changing the relative location of free node by controlling CVT ratio.




Fig. 1. A novel flywheel powertrain



Clutchess Geared Smart Transmission (CGST) 


Among many powertrains, the parallel hybrid powertrain has gained popularity thanks to minimal design changes from the conventional transmission. However, it does not guarantee seamless torque transmission by use of clutches or torque coupler, and it has limited engine operation by coupling with final drive. Moreover, viscous friction and hydraulic units for clutch actuations induce energy loss. To solve theses limitations, novel clutchless parallel hybrid powertrain so called Clutchless geared smart transmission (CGST) is proposed.

The CGST can smoothly change power flow of input gear shafts by controlling the electric motor that is connected to the planetary gear set (PGS). Moreover the CGST can provide seamless torque transmission even while shifting gears due to absence of torque interruption.


          Fig. 1. 
Comparison between (a) switching parallel hybrid powertrain and (b) CGST


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