Stability control for Electric Vehicle (EV)


Vehicle States Estimation


Accurate vehicle states (Accelerations, Velocities, etc.) are required for the precise vehicle control. However, there are states that can not be measured directly through the sensor due to the absence of the sensor or the price. Typically, tire force is the only external force acting on the vehicle, but it is impossible to measure it directly through a sensor. Therefore, these states are estimated by the estimation algorithm.




Integrated Electric Vehicle Safety Control (ABS/ESC)


The Anti-lock braking system (ABS) and Electric Stability Control (ESC) guarantee vehicle’s stability while driving by applying brake pressure. Original vehicle safety control consists of each dynamic motion subsystem control. In electric car, the power source has more higher bandwidth than international combustion engine and can make accurate torque. So we are going to suggest general control form based on nonlinear full car model and integrated electric vehicle safety control method.




Fig. Hydraulic Circuit for Vehicle Stability Control



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