Vehicle Body Velocity Sensor

A new sensor system for measuring the relative velocity of the vehicle body to the ground is developed. When the camera faced on the ground and mounted on the vehicle body is shaken by a specific path to artificially form a motion blur, a Modulated Motion Blur is recorded in the image sensor. This Modulated Motion Blur implies the relative motion between the camera and the ground. The relative velocity of the vehicle and the ground can be estimated since the motion between the camera and the vehicle is already known. The proposed method has a small amount of calculation and high accuracy. Therefore, in addition to the dynamic control of the ground vehicle, it can be applied to various fields such as precise position estimation and autonomous driving of a field robot.



[1] Lee, Minyoung, Kyung-Soo Kim, and Soohyun Kim. "Measuring Vehicle Velocity in Real Time Using Modulated Motion Blur of Camera Image Data." IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology66.5 (2017): 3659-3673.

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