EPS(Electric power steering) system 


Electric power steering system(EPS) is a motor supported power steering system that helps provide the driver with a lightweight and convenient steering feel. Because the steering system interacts with human hands, which can be sensitive, designing a good controller is subtle and challenging problem. We focus on all process of controller design of EPS system including modeling and parameter identification, stability analysis, steering feeling and new approach of controller structure. Also, to overcome the limitation of conventional EPS controller, we propose a model based controller that is separated into a logic to generate steering feeling and a feedback logic to implement the generated steering feel to the driver. 



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Designing an EPS controller is a difficult problem. Generation of assist torque, system stability, vibration reduction, return-to-center control and transferring necessary road information to driver should be considered to design an EPS controller. To develop an EPS controller, the HILS(Hardware in the Loop Simulator) is needed. It is much reliable than software simulation and also can replace real vehicle test in special condition.

To develop an reliable EPS HILS system, two things should be considered.

1) real vehicl and an EPS HILS system should have same steering feel

2) the road disturbance torque realized in the HILS system should be same as that of real vehicle test

We suggest a new method and ideas for developing a reliable EPS HILS system.



Fig. 2.





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