Based on the study of the anatomy of domestic cats and the analysis of cat’s movement using VICON motion capture system, we developed a cat–inspired fast running robot with novel leg mechanism, spine mechanism, and gait algorithm.


This robot features under-actuated leg system, leg-spine mechanism, and various gait pattern from walking to galloping. 




Multiple robots are developed based on a cat-inspired robot research.

First, the Raptor, a fast-running biped robot inspired from Velopciraptor, has two under-actuated legs and a tail for dynamic balance control. The Raptor robot runs at a speed of 46 km/h on a treadmill with off-board power. Tail-assisted pitch control provides stability over high obstacles.

Second, the Sprinter, a cat- inspired quadruped robot, has 4 under actuated legs and leg/spine mechanism to achieve higher speed and stability.


Third robot is hybrid-legged robot. This robot has 2 wheels on the front and 2 under-actuated legs in the rear.







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